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Interior paints

Matt Waterbased Wall Paint For Internal And External Use

Matt Waterbased Wall Paint For Internal And External Use

Glazed paint which can be thinned out with water. It is made of acrylic resins. It is perfectly washable, used indoors and outdoors. It presents a hard, strong and elastic film that gives a high resistance to stains penetration and dirt. For this reason ...

Plaster And Surfacer

Plaster And Surfacer

Mineral coating with grain 0.8mm, for external and internal use. It is based on light lime which allows to obtain a rough or smooth antiquing plaster finish. The product has a very thick coat characterized by shades and different chromatic effects. For ...

Plaster And Surfacer

Plaster And Surfacer

Internal, mineral wall covering made of light lime. It can be used to obtain a smooth, antiquing glossy finish. This product produces a very thick coat characterized by shades and different chromatic effects. For this reason, it is particularly suitable ...


Plaster And Surfacer

Wall covering, for external and internal use, made of selected grain quartz in a dispersion of acrylic resins.


Matt Waterbased Wall Paint For Internal And External Use

External, matt paint in a watery dispersion based on acrylic and elastic copolymers which have no plasticizers. It forms a covering which is suitable to resist microcracks. Considering its impermeability to carbon dioxide, this paint is fit to protect ...


Matt Waterbased Wall Paint For Internal And External Use

Internal and external paint in a watery dispersion, with elastic acrylic-siloxane resins, with no plasticizers, which guarantee a high resistance to water and vapour diffusion. The covering guarantees a good resistance to microcracks.

Multicolor Decorative Wall Covering

Multi-coloured decorative covering with a glazed aspect. It is suitable for an internal use.

Plaster In Powder

This is a single-component smoothing-glue in powder that with added water forms a specific paste for both gluing and final smoothing of insulation panels in polystyrene, on exterior or interior building surfaces and in the overcoat insulating system. For ...


Intumescent White Paint

Intumescent white paint with one component. It can be thinned out with water, to be used on concrete, steel and wall, whenever is required a resistance to fire.

Primer For External And Internal Use

Internal and external rough primer. It is a connecting paint between surfaces made of different materials such as plaster, concrete, old paints, mineral paints based on silicate, acrylic and siloxane finishes.


Self-levelling Epoxy Resins Coating For Floors

Self-levelling coating for floors formulated with liquid epoxy resins and cycloaliphatic hardener, dyed with selected pigments and extenders and with a controlled grain size distribution. May be applied at temperatures from +10°C to + 30°C. Operating ...

High Quality Solventbased Topcoat For Iron And Wood

Excellent synthetic enamel, suitable for painting iron and wooden manufactures to be used indoor and outdoor. It is made of alkyd resins with oils which give it excellent expansion and gloss retention.


Waterbased Topcoat For Internal And External Use

Water-dilutable, non-yellowing enamel paint for exteriors and interiors. The product presents a smooth film that does not withhold the dirt, is resistant to UV rays and to washing with commercial detergents and antibacterial mould killers. The product ...


Waterbased Antirust

An epoxy acrylic water-soluble rust inhibitor, highly resistant to paint-over even with solvent-based products.


Waterbased Self-sealer For Wood

[Chemical Products]
Transparent, acrylic, non-yellowing, water-soluble single- or two-component paint suitable for the protection of wooden furnishing elements for interiors. Ecoplast W601 catalysed with idrocat 10 guarantees maximum resistance.


Poliuretanic Basecoat For Wood

Transparent, polyurethane, two-components varnish used as undercoat; suitable for interior wooden manufactures.


Waterbased Stains And Pigment To Be Added To Waterbased Paints

Watery dispersion of organic and inorganic pigments, with no binder. It is suitable to paint water-based enamels or paints. The pigments are chosen to guarantee resistance to light and atmospheric agents; for this reason they can be used for both ...


Primer Waterbased Pigmented For External Use

Wall primer made of synthetic resins in a watery dispersion with a technology that produces a particular film which has a strong adhesion and an insulation action. It is characterized by lamellar pigments which guarantee a suitable transpirability. ...

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