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Paints and decorative plaster - we welcome Ecorson companies on the side.

Our offer is a select of paint for the decoration of interiors. Their diversity and rich colours, are creating limitless arrangement possibilities. We are cooperating with the group of elite architects, an interior decorators and contractors on the Polish market.

In particular we recommend you ecological, water base ECO 12 arylic paint which after drying is creating the cohesive, vapour permeable coating, about the unusual resistance to washing. Carefully selected elements, provide her with the high productivity and the versatility in the application.
We are one of few companies in Poland, creating modern systems of paints and decorative plaster and technologies of the interior decoration safe for the man and his natural environment.

Plaster and decorative mass from which we are getting effects of different kind, structures and glows are standing out with the great resistance, the elegance and the functionality. Venetian stuccoes get of calcareous mass (Calce Grassello) about the mirror area, visually are enlarging the inside. Very much cement plasters are long-lasting and practical with the addition of natural aggregate about the effect trawertynu (Calce Marmorino, Travertino naturale) or of ancient structures (Deriva) which are granting the unique climate rooms.

Available at us decorative paints (Colorado, Lumicenta, Perlagrande, Lumicca) these are exceptional wall covers about excellent pearl glows, with appearance resembling the velvet cover with flares. Wide color palette, bulk of effects for getting and competent joining them, provide with the original and long-lasting decorative element.

Specialist products are supplementing the offer i.e. varnishes, wood stain, impregnants (Novolegno), fungicidal means (Antimufa), and elevation plaster (Murisil1500). Our products and decorative systems were used the m. in. for the decoration of Vistuli shops, Pierre Cardin, Roy Robson, Van Graaf, Otto Kern, Hexeline, Swansdown, Monari, of Polskapresse living rooms, restaurants Dybalski, of cinemas, of theatres, of ophthalmological living rooms, of college in the country and abroad. by distribution of products and creating decorative effects, we are conducting specialist trainings in putting them and the practical application. They are enjoying the great popularity with architects, contractors and investors.



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